SUMMER in the Costa Blanca is typically very hot with little or no rainfall with temperatures mostly between 25 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius during the day. Temperatures during the summer rarely drop below 15 degrees Celsius. In August the weather can be almost unbearably hot with some days reaching 40 degrees Celsius or more. Fortunately on most days we are blessed with cooling sea breezes. Because humidity is so low, you won't feel the temperature is as high as it really is. Do take precautions and always wear a high factor sun cream especially if your are on the beaches.
THE WINTERS are very mild compared to northern Europe with most winter days being clear and sunny. The temperature can vary greatly in winter however, one day it can be over 20 degrees Celsius and you will be walking around in your T-shirt, on another day it can be 7 degrees Celsius and feel very cold. The World Health Organisation describes the climate on the Costa Blanca as one of being the best in the World. Costa Blanca's summers are hot but not too hot due to the cooling sea breezes and the winters are mild with many clear blue sunny days.
THE CLIMATE and weather is very healthy especially for sufferers of arthritus. The areas around Torrevieja which is surrounded by natural salt lakes are especially good.
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